About Us


BHAGERIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED was established in 1989 with an objective to serve the dyes & intermediates industry all over the globe. Company commenced its operations by setting up a Vinyl Sulphone Plant at Vapi (Gujarat) with capacity of 540 T.P.A. which has now expanded to 3600 T.P.A. Subsequently Company has gone for further expansion in other Dyes intermediates & Dyestuffs. We are one of the key manufacturers and have been recognised as ‘Two Star Export House’ by the Government of India. We believe we have built strong reputation in our markets, over 28 years of experience that has translated to a customer base.

The Company is also engaged in generation of Solar Power and EPC Contract. The Company has setup a solar plant at Ahmednagar and signed a PPA with SECI to supply power at Rs. 4.41/unit for a period of 25 years. Company has also setup rooftop solar plants for certain companies at adequate rate. The company successfully incorporates the innovative trends, total quality management and proficiency in work process through advanced research and analysis. Bhageria has made significant strides in the field of Dye Intermediates and other related products since its inception.
True, we started in a small way. But then it has never stopped us from thinking big. More than 50% of its production is being exported worldwide to various clients including multinationals.

Our products are being exported to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, U.S.A & other European and African. Today Bhageria Industries Limited is one of the largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Intermediates and Dyes. Our team of expert chemists and highly-efficient workman have resorted to innovations, keeping in view the constant up gradations of quality and customer's demand, thus ensuring the product for optimal applications for a vast sphere of fields. Constant co-ordination with our customers has earned us the reputation of customer-friendly company. Bhageria has its manufacturing unit in Gujarat and Maharashtra, where we manufacture different products. At present we have total Two Manufacturing units in Vapi, Gujarat and Boisar, Maharashtra. Our Manufacturing units have developed products for Textile, Leather, Paper and many other specialty chemicals.

History and Evolution

  • 1989

    Entered the dye intermediates business by setting up a Vinyl Sulphone plant with a capacity of 540 TPA

  • 1995

    Became a listed entity with a objective to fund additional capacity for new products

  • 2002

    Expanded Vinyl Suplhone Capacity to 3600 TPA from 540 TPA

  • 2010

    Started exporting to Japan and other developed countries

  • 2014

    Changed name to Bhageria Industries from Bhageria Dye Chem

  • 2015

    Foray into Solar roof top panels with a capacity of 2 80 MWP

  • 2016

    Solar PPA signed with SECI for 25 years with the capacity of 30MW
    Listed with National Stock Exchange (NSE)
    Stock split from face value of Rs 10 to Rs 5

  • 2017

    Commissioned 30MW solar plant

  • 2018

    Amalgamation of Nipur Chemicals Ltd. with the Company
    Highest ever dividend paid (110% of Face Value)

>> Assurance of quality thought in-process and pre-shipment inspection.
>> Adherence to delivery commitments by maintaining close relations with the manufacturers, including provision of timely assistance with financial, sourcing and logistic inputs.
>> Accountability to our clients. This is reflected in the confidence our clients repose in us with repeat business and long-term relationships. We believe in delighting the customers by being responsive to their needs and servicing them on time.

We focus on:

Integrity with Transparency

Bhageria, A CUSTOMER DRIVEN COMPANY, will continuously improve upon the services rendered to customers, meet customers needs in the shortest lead time, develop new Dyes & intermediate for newer application areas. And will continue to enjoy privileged status as a PREFERRED SUPPLIER.
Bhageria, A SHAREHOLDER DRIVEN COMPANY, will remain focused in the areas of its Core Competency, Emphasis on the Quality of Business rather than the size of the business, Maintain Profit Related Growth Policy, Implement Corporate Governance, Regard Shareholder wealth Creation to be the key driver of all actions and policies of the Company and its people.
Bhageria, A BRAND DRIVEN COMPANY, will maintain and improve upon BHAGERIA Brand name, and will Create BHAGERIA Brand awareness in International Markets through export of Quality Products.
Bhageria, A PEOPLE DRIVEN COMPANY, will Train, Empower and create a superior pool of intellect, capable of leading its Innovation Drive.
Bhageria, AN ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY COMPANY, will continue to adhere to environment friendly manufacturing process and set new standards in fighting pollution.

To be the preffered, trusted and successful long – term partner to our stake holders, clients, associates and our employees. For this to happen we will stay viable and relevant through practical innovation and a continuous focus on efficient and consistent execution.

Strict quality control measures are taken for maintaining quality of each batch of production. Every raw material goes through strict quality checking, which in turn helps to provide best quality final product to our valued customers. .
This has been possible with the help of most sophisticated testing instruments like spectrophotometer and HPLC and other equipment's installed in our Laboratory.Experienced Chemists with hands on experience in Dyestuff industry take care of the quality parameters, thereby helping the organization gain the loyalty of the large number of customers.

Today, pollution control plays a vital role to run the industry along with quality production. The Company has a well-equipped primary & secondary effluent treatment plants with BOD and COD testing apparatus. However, to cope up the highly hazardous effluents, we live set up two incinerators resulting in zero pollution.

Research & Development

The in-house Research & Development (R&D) team at Bhageria focuses on three thrust areas –

  • Optimisation of process chemistry to achieve the highest chemical efficiency and product purity whilst minimizing effluent production
  • New product development
  • New application for existing products

The company has a well-organized R & D lab where continuous efforts have been made to produce new range of products and their processes. Efforts are directed towards development of more efficient processes giving better products at lesser costs.
We have developed & modified the processes so that effluents can be reduced to a considerable extent.
It has been our practice since inception to ensure that each batch of production goes through strict quality checking and we aim at providing to our valued customers quality products and consistency thereof. We make sure that the right product reaches the right customer -- no compromise on quality.
This has been possible with the help of most sophisticated testing instruments like spectrophotometer and HPLC and other equipments installed in our Laboratory. Experienced Chemists with hands on experienced in Dyestuff industry take care of the quality parameters, thereby helping the organization gain the loyalty of the large number of customers.

Focus on Safety, Health & Environment

The Company’s aim to focus on safety, health and environment is the key to sustainable growth. The Company believes in accomplishing the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) goal of being harmless to the environment, no risk to employees and no incidents which might create a negative impact on the community. The company also conduct monthly safety programs at each premises. The Board gives guidance to the management ensuring that the implications of safety and sustainability are addressed properly in all the strategic initiatives. The Company has a strong belief that its quality is known through its social responsibility and commitment to create a healthy world.

Safety representative For each plant.In-house occupational Health CenterAir pollution Management
Fire hydrant for each plantPart time doctorMember of CETP,TEPS & MWML
Safety trainingMedical representativesRecover & re-use
Classroom trainingPre-medical checkupSolid waste management
On job trainingAnnual medical checkupSludge and gypsum
Mock drill for Ethylene Oxide conducted by RelianceSpecial campsGreen zone in both factories with good greenery

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bhageria, environment sustainability is not just compliance to laws it is more about our concern. It is as important to us as our business growth. We being a proactive organisation emphasised on investment to develop environment management systems, install effluent treatment plants and developing a green belt within the factory premises by planting various species of trees.

We are amongst the few dyes intermediates manufacturing companies globally to have internationally recognised processes that ensure minimum waste generated per unit, treat wastes to permissible limits before disposal, emits fewer pollutants and recycle & reuse wastes. We take our concern for environment one-step ahead by motivating and providing regular training to employees for encouraging them to reduce water, fuel and energy consumption.

We undertake CSR activities either directly or through contribution to various trusts. In 2017-18, we spent a sum of Rs. 1.84 Crores towards improving healthcare, eradicating hunger & poverty, promoting education and rural development. We have also arranged for basic facilities such as drinking water nearby schools, and cultural centres in nearby villages. We are actively focused on enhancing activities in the areas of education and healthcare.

CSR Activities

Rs 1.8cr spend in CSR for FY 18 – ~4% of PAT